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DateName of publicationSummary
09/03/2015New Share Scheme ReportingHMRC have published new share plan reporting templates for 2014/2015
19/02/2015Responsible Tax 4 – Transparency developments in 2014 12 February 2015Responsible Tax 4 – Transparency developments in 2014
19/02/2015Governance in Focus – a briefing for non-executive directors 8 February 2015Governance in Focus – a briefing for non-executive directors
19/02/2015European Tax Survey 2014 27 November 2014European Tax Survey 2014
19/01/2015European Salary Survey 2014European employers keep on struggling with high employer costs
24/03/2014Indirect Client Tax Survey 2014The findings of Deloitte's 2014 'Indirect Tax Survey'
24/03/2014Responsible Tax 3 - Making ChangesBusinesses are not static - they are always evolving
06/03/2014European Tax SurveyGovernments and tax authorities traditionally seek to increase tax receipts
06/03/2014Responsible Tax 2 – An integrated approach to tax transparencyInformation that businesses share about their taxes is being examined
06/03/2014Responsible Tax 1 – Sustainable tax strategyTax is a noisy subject right now; in public, in politics, in the press
05/03/2014Major changes: International tax reform and transparencyBriefing on the two key current issues affecting multinationals

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